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Plug-in Repositories

If you have a plug-in repository you wish to share, please provide a link and a description below. For the present, we will try to grab a copy and document them. In the future we hope that you will be able to use the SVN contrib area of the main qpsmtpd subversion repository.

Documented Repositories

We will move your entry here, after running our documentation script against a copy of your repository.


Please provide a link and any relevant information about the repository (licensing etc) here.

Please leave 'Trunk' as an example to make the wiki syntax less of an obstacle to future contributors.

Repository NameOwnerLinkDescription
Trunkqpsmtpdhttp://svn.perl.org/viewcvs/qpsmtpd/trunk/pluginsSubversion Trunk
Stableqpsmtpdhttp://svn.perl.org/viewcvs/qpsmtpd/trunk/pluginsRelease 0.32

Additional Details

You can make a link from the 'Description' column and provide additional details here.


This is left as an example.