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#!/usr/bin/perl -Tw
=head1 NAME
auth_smtpd - Authenticate user via local network SMTP server
This plugin implements a authentication plugin that check sender is the
user of SMTP server in local network.
Add the plugin to the plugins file in the configuration directory:
auth/auth_smtpd smtp_server smtp_port
Replace smtp_server and smtp_port with the IP address and port number of the SMTP server that will provide the authentication.
Defaults to an IP address of and port 25.
=head1 NOTES
Requires the Net::SMTP::TLS CPAN module.
=head1 AUTHOR
Original plugin by: jennifer@thecomputerclinic.ca
Plugin updated by:  James Turnbull (james@lovedthanlost.net)
sub register {
  my ( $self, $qp, @args ) = @_;
  $self->register_hook( "auth-plain", "auth_smtpd" );
  $self->register_hook( "auth-login", "auth_smtpd" );
  $self->register_hook( "auth-cram-md5", "auth_smtpd" );
  if (@args > 0) {
    if ($args[0] =~ /^([\.\w_-]+)$/) {
      $self->{_smtp_server} = $1;
    else {
      die "Bad data in smtp server: $args[0]";
    $self->{_smtp_port} = 25;
    if (@args > 1 and $args[1] =~ /^(\d+)$/) {
      $self->{_smtp_port} = $1;
    $self->log(LOGWARN, "WARNING: Ignoring additional arguments.") if
(@args > 2);
  } else {
    die("No SMTP server specified in plugins file.");
 # set any values that are not already
  $self->{_smtp_server} ||= "";
  $self->{_smtp_port} ||= 25;
sub auth_smtpd {
  use Net::SMTP::TLS;
  my ( $self, $transaction, $mechanism, $user, $clearPassword, $hashPassword, $ticket
) =
  my ($smtpdhost, $smtpdport, $mesg);
  # pull values in from config
  $smtpdhost = $self->{_smtp_server};
  $smtpdport = $self->{_smtp_port};
 my $mailer;
 $self->log(LOGINFO, "auth_smtpd/Used $mechanism authentication mechanism for $user on server $smtpdhost at port $smtpdport.");
 eval {
 $mailer = new Net::SMTP::TLS(
        Hello   =>      '',
        Port    =>      $smtpdport,
        User    =>      $user,
        Password=>      $clearPassword) ;
 # failed
 if ($@){
    return DECLINED;
    return ( DENY, "auth_smtpd/$mechanism authentication for $user failed."
 } else {
   return ( OK, "auth_smtpd/$mechanism authentication for $user" );