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Plug-in Summary

Plug-in name: restrict_submission
Info: Restricts the use of a specific port to authorised users only
Author: Eliot Foster
Compatibility: Requires forkserver with multiple –port arguments enabled
Download: inline


Restricts the use of a specific port to authorised users only

#!/usr/bin/perl -Tw
# This plugin makes sure that foreign MTAs do not attempt to send mail to mail submission ports (465,587)
# Basically:
# 1.) A list of ports is given as a set of arguments
# 2.) If a connection comes in on one of those ports and is not a relayclient (authenticated)
# 3.) Reject the connection
# example config line for config/plugins:
# 	restrict_submission 465 587

use Qpsmtpd::DSN;

sub init {
  my ($self, $qp, @args) = @_;

  my %ports = ();
  if (@args) {
    @ports{@args} = @args;

  $self->{_submission_ports} = \%ports;

sub hook_mail {
  my ($self, $transaction, $sender) = @_;

  # all is well if relaying
  return (DECLINED)
    if ( $self->qp->connection->relay_client );

  # RFC2476, section 3.2:  MUST accept null return path
  return (DECLINED) if
    ($sender->format eq "<>");

  # if the local port is one of the defined submission restricted ports, DENY
  if (defined( $self->{_submission_ports}->{ $self->qp->connection->local_port } )) {
    return Qpsmtpd::DSN->sec_sender_unauthorized(DENY, "Authentication required for submission");

  return (DECLINED);