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Plug-in Summary

Plug-in name: connection_shaper
Info: limit the connection rate for each IP address
Author: Yoshifumi Kinoshita
Email: yoshifumi1975@gmail.com
Compatibility: all
Download: here


=head1 NAME 
connection_shaper - limit the connection rate for each IP address.
The B<connection_shaper> module reject clients who try to connect more than specified
times during specified period. The rate is specified in the config file I<connection_shaper>.
memcached 1.2.4 or newer is required.
C<Cache::Memcached::Fast> module from CPAN is required.
=head1 CONFIG
The config file contains lines with two. The first is a key.
The second is a value.
exptime 60
threshold 10
memcached_port 11211
memcached_server memcached.example.com
whitelist 192.168.1., 192.168.2., 10.0.0
It means that a client can connect upto 10 times every 60 seconds.
=head1 AUTHOR
Copyright 2008 Yoshifumi Kinoshita <yoshifumi1975@gmail.com>
This software is free software and may be distributed under the same
terms as qpsmtpd itself.
use Qpsmtpd::Constants;
use Socket;
use Cache::Memcached::Fast;
my $memcached;
my $config;
my @whitelist;
sub hook_pre_connection {
    my ($self,$transaction,%args) = @_;
    foreach ($self->qp->config("connection_shaper")) {
        next if( m/^#/ );
        my ($key, $value) = split /\s+/, $_, 2;
        $config->{$key} = $value;
    $config->{exptime} ||= 60; # 1 min.
    $config->{threshold} ||= 10;
    @whitelist = split /,\s*/, $config->{whitelist};
    $memcached = init_memcached($config);
    return (DECLINED, "") if match_whitelist( $args{remote_ip} );
    $memcached->add($args{remote_ip}, 0, $config->{exptime});
    my $current_value = $memcached->incr($args{remote_ip}) || 0;
    if( $current_value > $config->{threshold} ){
        $self->log(LOGINFO, "Exceeds the threshold from $args{remote_ip}.");
        return (DENYSOFT, "");
    return (DECLINED, "");
sub init_memcached{
    my($config) = shift;
    $config->{memcached_server} ||= 'localhost';
    $config->{memcached_port} ||= 11211;
    return new Cache::Memcached::Fast({
        servers => [ { address => "$config->{memcached_server}:$config->{memcached_port}" } ],
        failure_timeout => 2,
        max_failures => 1,
sub match_whitelist{
    my($remote_ip) = shift;
    foreach (@whitelist){
        return 1 if( $remote_ip =~ m/$_/ );
    return 0;