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This plugin will deny bounces to addresses. Good for addresses that receive mail but never send mail.

sub hook_mail {
  my ($self, $transaction, $sender) = @_;

  return (DECLINED) unless ($sender->format eq "<>");

  $self->log(LOGDEBUG, "sender is <>");

  return (DECLINED);

sub hook_rcpt {
  my ($self, $transaction, $rcpt) = @_;
  my $note = $transaction->notes('bounce');
  return DECLINED unless $note;
  my @acceptbounce = $self->qp->config("acceptbounce");
  return DECLINED unless (@acceptbounce);

  my $user = lc($rcpt->user);
  my $addr = $user . '@' . lc($rcpt->host);

  foreach my $to (@acceptbounce) {
        chomp $to;
        return DECLINED if ($user eq $to);
        return DECLINED if ($addr eq $to);
  $self->log(LOGDEBUG, "not accepting bounces for $addr");
  return (DENY, "sorry, $user never sends mail ".
                "and therefore does not accept bounces");


The acceptbounce file contains mail addresses (fully qualified or local part only) that do accept bounces.