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Untested and core dumps on OpenBSD/sparc64. Work in progress!

=head1 NAME

domainkeys_sign: attach a DomainKeys signature to incoming mail before it is queued.
There must be a way to signal which e-mails to sign.

written by Johan Almqvist


require Mail::DomainKeys::Message;
require Mail::DomainKeys::Key::Private;

sub hook_data_post {
	my $self = shift;
	my $trns = shift;
	unless ($self->connection->notes('authuser')) {
		return DECLINED;	
	my @body;


	$trns->body_getline; # \r\n seperator is NOT part of the body

	while (my $line = $trns->body_getline) {
		push @body, $line;

    my $mail = load Mail::DomainKeys::Message(
				HeadString => $trns->header->as_string,
				BodyReference => \@body)	
		|| warn("$$ unable to load message\n")
		&& return DECLINED;

	# no sender domain means no verification 
	$mail->	senderdomain
		|| return DECLINED;

# load the private key, or die trying
my $priv = load Mail::DomainKeys::Key::Private(File => "config/domainkeys/".$mail->senderdomain.".private")
	|| warn "unable to load key for domain $mail->senderdomain";

# sign the message using the "simple" canonifier and selector "test"
$mail->sign(Method => "simple", Selector => "test", Private => $priv);

my $signature = $mail->signature->as_string;
	$trns->header->add('DomainKey-Signature', $signature, 0);