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Plug-in Summary

Plug-in name: spam_gourmet
Info: Allow the creation of self-destructing email addresses
Author: Steve Kemp
Email: steve@steve.org.uk
Compatibility: v0.4.x
Download: http://www.steve.org.uk/Software/qpsmtpd/spam_gourmet


This plugin allows you to distribute email addresses which have a built-in self-destruct function, in a similar fashion to the Spam Gourmet service.

Delivery Count Restrictions

For example the following address will allow up to five deliveries, and after that further mail will be rejected:


(steve.count.5 is a synonym of steve.5.count.)

If the mail is accepted for delivery the destination will be rewritten to be “steve@example.com” - with the “5” and “count” portions removed.

Date Restrictions

It is also possible to limit the validity of an email address to a given period in time. The following addresses will only accept mails prior to 10th March:


Messages delivered to that address after that date will be refused.