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qpsmtpd FAQ

Nothing here yet, I'm afraid.

Can qpsmtpd do X?

Probably. Either there's an existing plug-in, or you can probably easily write one yourself.

Where can I get help on qpsmtpd?

To get help on qpsmtpd, you can either consult the mailing list and its archive, or ask questions here on the wiki, from where your questions and the community's answers will hopefully be transferred to this faq.

How can I run a separate instance of qpsmtpd for mail submission

There's a how-to available.

Where can I submit bug reports?

There is an issue tracker for qpsmtpd at github, and another for the qpsmtpd-dev fork.

You should also report bugs on the mailing list. Bugs reported on the list are forgotten if they cannot be fixed immediately.