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I thought we could have a page for questions and discussions before we lift things over to the faq. — tyskjohan 2006/02/06 08:44

How to ask for help

When asking questions here (or on the mailing list), particularily when reporting errors, remember the five golden questions:

  1. What version of qpsmtpd? CVS? Release?
  2. What did you do?
  3. What did you expect to happen?
  4. What happened?
  5. What do the logs say?

Without this information, it is hard to answer questions, and you may not get an answer at all.


I was wondering if anybody has played around with qpsmtdp as a spam trap. I get a lot of spam attempts to silly addresses like errorstousername@almqvist.net and deliveredtousername@almqvist.net that are obviously results of braindead header parsing; and I know any message to these addresses is complete spam so I'd like to blacklist the sender's IP and feed the message to spamassassin -r or at least to sa-learn –spam. But to do so, I'd have to accept the message…

Coding Question

Version: 0.32

I want to add an entry to the header after it is confirmed that the sending server is a valid MX record. The plugin I think I should use is require_resolvable_fromhost. Here is single line of code that I added to the file just before it returned DECLINED;


Nothing happened to the header

The log gives the following;

PLUGIN ERROR: Can't call method “new” on an undefined value at ./plugins/require_resolvable_fromhost.20100909 line 38

I get the same error if I use method add or replace.

Any ideas to add the header line would be appreciated. — Ray Webster 2010/09/09 21:58