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 Generating qpsmtpd statistics Generating qpsmtpd statistics
-  * These statistics were provided by qpsmtpd user [[users:tyskjohan]]. 
-    * [[http://www.almqvist.net/johan/blog/2006/01/qpsmtpd-denial-statistics/|Denial Statistics]]    
-    * [[http://www.almqvist.net/johan/blog/2006/06/more-spam-stopping-statistics/|Anti-spam statistics]] 
-    * [[http://www.almqvist.net/johan/blog/qpsmtpd/stats/|Further statistics]] 
-    * [[http://www.almqvist.net/johan/blog/qpsmtpd/stats/howto/|Instructions on how to create your own statistics]]. 
   * [[resources:statistics:rrdtool|Graphing qpsmtpd with rrdtool]]   * [[resources:statistics:rrdtool|Graphing qpsmtpd with rrdtool]]