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Plan and Changelog

This page details the migration, update plan and brief Changelog for the update of the qpsmtpd wiki.


  1. Migrate user pages under users namespace (COMPLETE)
  2. Migrate existing pages into new namespace structure (COMPLETE)
  3. Standarise page names, publish naming standard, develop plug-in template (COMPLETE)
  4. Significant work needed on the Installation, Configuration, and Deployment pages
    1. Installation section needs generic installation steps
    2. Configuration section needs more organisation and additional content
    3. Deployment section needs expansion - perhaps a pros/cons table, more detail needed for the Apache::Qpsmtpd deployment model
  5. Storage for plug-ins TBD
    1. have proposed changes to 'contrib' area, –gh
  6. Completely rebuild plugins pages, –gh
    1. See new_plugins for possible way to list all plug-ins - tables to be created via a script of some kind — jkt
    2. See new_docs for possible new plugins:start page — gh
    3. Set up collection point for contributions (COMPLETE)
    4. Collect and auto-document as many contributions as possible (Begun, –gh)
    5. Other things ?
    6. Change entry point to plugins:start ?

Plug-in Re-org Notes

I propse a:

  1. Plug-in code → in contrib SVN repo or somewhere similar
  2. Plug-in documentation page → In current structure with Info box and with some content constructed by using gh's Doxygen scripts but which also could be manually created by a contributor using the proposed plugin_template and example_plugin template (which is a draft right now and could be updated to reflect what gh's Doxygen config output looked like).
  3. Plug-in list page → A list of all plug-ins like you can see in new_plugins that is populated using a script that scans all the plug-in documentation page Info Boxes.
  4. An introduction to Plug-Ins page → Perhaps similar in part to gh's new_docs page.

James Turnbull 2007/01/24 22:03

POD Docs

  • a basic POD to Dokuwiki converter exists now here, use this to add the plugins (and other) POD to the wiki? Sample page: pod:plugins

Hanno Hecker 2007/12/15 21:05


James Turnbull 2007/01/08 06:34 Migrated all existing user pages underneath users namespace.
James Turnbull 2007/01/08 06:50 Added naming_std page.
James Turnbull 2007/01/08 14:20 Migrated existing pages into new structure. Adjusted a number of links - left /plugins link intact - this page will be re-structured in the near future but the link maintained.
Michael Holzt 2007/01/08 ??:?? Upgraded to latest dokuwiki (11/2006), new templates, added editable sidebar.
James Turnbull 2007/01/09 07:18 Added start pages for most namespaces and began to populate them.
James Turnbull 2007/01/09 12:47 Updated start pages for all namespaces including start page.
James Turnbull 2007/01/09 13:14 Added Resources page to hold HOWTOs, article, news and the like.
Michael Holzt 2007/01/09 15:57 Installed indexmenu plugin, used it for a sitemap. Caceat: Moved “sidebar” to :wiki:sidebar.
James Turnbull 2007/01/15 12:37 Updated start page including added more plug-in sites, updated resources page, updated plugins page.
Michael Holzt 2007/01/15 13:48 Installed templater plugin.
Michael Holzt 2007/01/16 13:55 Fixed a bug/shortcoming in the templater plugin, documented the fix on the templater-page.
James Turnbull 2007/01/16 14:11 Added example_plugin page to demonstrate how to document user-submitted plug-ins, added plugin_template using the Templater plug-in to provide the Info Box for default plug-in pages.