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Structure and Naming Standards

This page will detail the high-level namespace structure and the naming convention for pages in this Wiki.

Namespace Structure

Namespace Description
api Pages about the Plug-in API
config Pages about configuration and conf files
deploy Pages about deployment types
deploy:apache Pages about using qpsmtpd with Apache
faq FAQ section
install Pages about installing qpmstpd
plugins Pages about plug-ins
plugins:auth Pages about auth plug-ins
plugins:loggging Pages about logging plug-ins
plugins:queue Pages about queue plug-ins
plugins:spam Pages about anti-spam plug-ins
plugins:virus Pages about anti-virus plug-ins
resources Pages about additional qpsmtpd resources
resources:articles Links to articles and news mentions
resources:plugins Links to other plug-ins
wiki Default wiki help pages
users Registered users pages

Page Naming Standard

Pages names should be in the style of the namespaces listed above.

  1. Plug-in pages should be placed in the namespace structure shown above with the name of the plug-in as the page name.